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tv   [untitled]    July 18, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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that show that the workplace policies can effect the emotional attachment and anxiety and breakfast feeding. i want to convey of my practicing medicine in san francisco as a pediatrician. what i explained to this one typical afternoon happens month afternoons i see a mother who works in a white collar job as a professional, you know, does have those opportunities for a parental leave and telling
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culminating. where i see a mother who is required to go back to work. sometimes that's fine there are some mothers who are very, very healthy but some mothers do need additional time to bond with their baby. they do need more than 8 or 12 weeks to be with their child. so they're not away from their home from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. i really appreciate what you've done to raise the awareness and start thinking how to rise be flexibility in the workplace. i appreciate that many industrialized countries and
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many, many workplaces in san francisco this makes me believe it's feasible in other countries and many employers in san francisco but this gives us an opportunity to level the playing field for moms and babies. how do we insure that babies have a equal or nearly equal opportunity to be safe and have good development in the first phase of their lives. thank you for your leadership and i look forward to answering any questions now or in the future. >> you mentioned quite a few times the mother should have time to bond. i'm hoping we could take that
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concept to all folks i think we need to take another position that all parents get the same opportunities. >> and i'm glad your policy is the family that i agree so many children in our country have the same gender parents. >> thank you let's hear from our next speaker. >> good afternoon i where i know you greetings from the united food and commercial workers union. secretary and treasure. we support this ordinance and we support it because our workforce is changing tremorsly.
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as a matter of fact, we're moving from anna full-time industry to o a part-time industry. so the flexibility of the skefld will help our members and employers as well. our members would have is a chance to be flexible in order to move around from the varies actual sites in san francisco. thank you for your endeavor and your combliement >> specifies i'm jonathan lions i'm a be passionate advocate.
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i want to say thank you to president chiu and the co- sponsors of this measure particularly cowen and supervisor mar who come out for this legislation. i think the community sees i as good friends. there's been a lot of discussion about this measure and the reagan of children. rather than echo past comments i want to reframe the duration how to impacts the community. for those of us who are blessed to have happy and healthy families. it can go away in the blink of an eye. those are often life khan. and i personally believe that,
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you know, those of us who, you know, have the rights of, you know, happen to be working phenomenon arrest employer who has, you know, is providing those xhoomentsz don't entire any more rights then others. i ask you to think about that when considering this legislation and a >> thank you. next speaker, please and a hello i work with the california work, work and family coalition. i am a single mother of 3 kids. this legislation is important because as a single parents i need the flexibility. in my work i meet a lot of workers who don't have that.
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having 3 kids you know, i had one day where my son get hit with a basketball and i had to rush back a he get the other kids. you have those situations. but in our work more men have those issues. we have siblings that care for other folks and the diverse families have to come first. thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please . let me call up more names >> good afternoon. i'm andrew. and we're very glade to see this work thing move forward.
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and we appreciate that other supervisors have joined in support of them. we appreciate the comments about having been nonprofit leaders and the flexibility they demonstrated to their workers in the workplace. it would be great to have this across the city. also with so many competitions is this not one more thing we're adding on but again given our example this is the reason why we're paying attention to the needs of their workers and families with this kind of compassion. also last week supervisor breed
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asked an important question about how does this change lives. the legislation might not change lives by it's the education that helps us move forward. it's the mom who works the double shift at save way we care about her seeing her family. those are the kinds of things we have to support our children and their parents their caregivers and our families thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm jan i'm with the san francisco democratic women in action i've lived her thirty years or more. i want to say indict to what's
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been said so far. especially to the mimgs and social concerned that brought this supposed policy and a legislation again. i'm grateful to the supervisors who helped fashion it. and to those who came on board. and to those we hope will join it after careful consideration. and also the opportunity for loyalty opposition to say okay. let's look at this. i want to acknowledge having come from the midwest living no san francisco has been a good experience and the recognition this is a city that launched out for its citizens and thinks about the legislation that's
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going to effect the individuals lives. also want to point out in thinking about places or movement that i sense this concern for family articulated by clinton reflected in other nations is really an indication that this train is out of the station it's on its way. it's up to us in san francisco, the public and the supervisors and people working in government to help us figure out how we're going to make this happen. f this family friendly flextime. a recent article in the new
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york times at any time for men and for everything. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> first, i wanted to thank president chiu and all his supervisors for your indescribable i incredible openness to get the best legislation for the people of our city. san francisco hospitals are outline committed to a family friendly situation. for example, the hospitals provided full-time benefits for hauchlt workers. but we have to make sure that in an emergency those family members are taken care of. we have to hire the nurses at the moment. the hospital can't accept a patient unless it's 1 in 4 and
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sometimes one-on-one. this to me this language looks just fine and urge tow reconsidering on, on tuesday, i want to share it with our hospital leaders but i want to thank you. again for your tremendous help to make sure that all san franciscans get the best health care. >> i want to slavery that one of the minutes we made at the request of our department of human resources wanted to talk about the legislation for the hospital and other folks who represented private hospitals asked for similar consideration for them. so i proposed that would the similar process that potentially no
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non-city employers bans operational resources such criteria to promote efficiency in vans public health that there be a exception for those categories. i'll say that the employees working in those situations i want to make sure their exemption interest if you have cafe workings are health care workers not gaenldz in those situations they be able to take advantage of the right to request >> thank you for briveng that up. we in san francisco look at all the hospitals as together serving all the hospitals.
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which one hospital is filled we move toefsh the next one. we have to promote that attitude we're one family trying to care for all our residents. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm the new director of women's policy on the status of women. thank you for hearing from me. i've been at the department for 4 weeks and i was or attorney before that and represented family law cases. i was fortunate to have a flexible work schedule and i had a son and daughter and stayed there for fourteen years. it was a win-win for me and i
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was able to stay home with a sick child and i was able to do a fairly non-suppress full workload. i stated there for fourteen years and i was able to do high quality work for them because i had that balance in my life. i was able to ask for that flexibility i don't have a problem standing and saying what i want but parents may feel not comfortable to request that flexibility first year let people who may be intimated maybe in fear of they're losing their jobs at least being able to request it because it's a
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win-win for the employers and employee >> i want to call up the final cards. anyone he will who wishes to speak, line up behind them >> good afternoon. i'm pat. i'm a partner here in a living room in san francisco. our entire work style is to create a flexible work schedule and because of that i will say i support the family friendly ordinance. more than 80 percent of our attorneys and staff come to our firm because of that flexible arrangement. the legislation as amended to date has provided for a fairly low impact law that will help
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create a more modern workplace here in san francisco. ? one off the a piece of in the puzzle. i know the concerns by supervisor breed raised about yet another layer of regulation. i see this is completely easy to apply with and i don't know if i call it free but it certainly gives the employers flexibility it's a >>right. to respond and cure. and finally putting ♪ the decision in the city and the board national conversation is very good. i support it thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. i'm julia i want to
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thank you for your leadership on this issue. and how important it is for first names in san francisco first year we have a health hotline and we got over 6 thousand calls this is a huge area i have need and as the previous speakers said offering those benefits to the employees is a good thing. it can be done especially who someone's willing to hear others needs. this moves the conversation forward and to protect those employees who are afraid to ask. i spoke to two parents in san
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francisco she never approached to ask for any kind of flexibility and ended up losing her job and allegeded up taking care of of her child. another woman decided not see an avenue to help her >> this isn't just an issue for women. we hear about folks who have family with serious medical needs this needs to be addressed so the workplace can be more productive and thank you, president chiu. thank you >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i'm todd david i'm the co- founder of the action committee. i'm here to say that the legislation completely supports this. we're happy to lend our name to the endorsement. i want to say what an amazing city we live in. so many businesses are doing the right thing. if you look at the business leadership in san francisco note the chamber of commerce last week they were standing here as partners saying we're not going to oppose this legislation any more and i think we live in a special place where we have folks like the business community that recognize go that a happy worker is a more productive worker and they're
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willing to take that extra layer of bureaucracy to help families prosper in san francisco. i want to thank supervisor yee as one the co- sponsors and we hope we'll get other supervisors to support this well >> good afternoon. i'm a mother from the bay view. month after month caregivers are leaving san francisco their racing home from work because of the childcare. their leaving to go to other states that have more flexible job schedules. it's been a proven study that
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caregivers give more and help the organizations with revenue and they stay with the organizations. both my parents stayed with their employers over 40 years and my mother went in at 10 and got off at the 6 and they were both engaged to helping with the children. thank you. >> next speaker and any other members of the public wish to speak. >> thank you for having me here again. i'm with the democratic women in action and a resident. i'm obviously here to talk about the flextime. i saw the difficulties when my
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father got sick. this week i want to talk about something else this will although, my husband and brother to allow for flextime. they oppose it. but i take care of his mother when which he was dye. men don't seem to think they have the prowl but if you depreciate this legislation passed we'll see how supervisor yee took time off to help with the family. especially my husband who has a right to take time off and it's an acceptable no more in san francisco first year i want to
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tell you - i do this don't i. i'm here to a talk about the reason the one employer who supported me in flextime was the city and county of san francisco. so i changed my career i worked with homeless connect and i've been around those halls ever since and i'll be loyal to you in our initiatives and efforts. are there any other members of the audience wish to speak? >> public comment is closed. so just so we have classification last week at the last meeting we had a lot of
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amendments we approved and commissioners just to be clear in wanting to move this week's all the times i'll read it off the form. there are the health and safety added language including the collusion in the health and safety progressions. the office of labor standards enforcement penalties added language that they may issue a warning instead of a fine. the third amendment s that on refinancing the policy rationale for policy. and the fourth amendment is for
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records reducing the amount of time that the employers have to keep the records audience i have asked for the city attorney to look at the typos and eye i want to read them into the record. on page 10 line 4 t it show read to define health continues. line 6 there should be the word or and on page 24 it should read 12 z period four and one last thing around health and safety and functions on line 10 it should read non-citizen employees into the health
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industry sprirsz let's see if we have a motion to make those amendments. so supervisor breed >> thank you supervisor too thank you for your meddles. i wanted to clarification around the inclusion of categories of public safety and safety health. for clarity anyone has the right to ask for flextime; is that correct >> what we're saying to your point everyone has the filipino-american right to ask but our legislation sets out a procedure when this ask is made. if i we were to work for you i
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would make a request in writing if you deny it i have the opportunity to ask for a request for consideration. those would not apply in the human resources were to determine for public health and safety functions that, you know, as a general or the police department or for the st. francis hospital if these were to go in effect they wouldn't apply in certain categories >> i think this demonstrates really how great san francisco is fro my prospective whose had employees for many, many years you just do this.
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luckyly i've worked around organizations that have this done and it has to be with the fact felt community we've served and the challenges we continue too fast. i realize there are other changes and other employers who don't meanwhile provided the same that kind of support but by what is the compelling is the right to ask and i feel it's - i want to make some other comments there are still some issues i have. it has nothing to do with the need you have for greater laws it's just, you know, in this capacity and how we're approaching this and as someone whose had to care for a grandmother who had